We help companies drive productivity through the practice of ENERGY MANAGEMENT:

Managing and maximizing personal energy to fuel engagement, improve effectiveness, maintain good health and boost overall productivity at work and in life.

Energy Management and Wellness programs have many similarities. However, our approach to wellness is different. Our platform is not a large-scale, generic program, but is built around personal, individual or small team coaching. Our programs are customized and guided, which results in greater participation and higher success rates.

Why Energy Management?

Unlike time, Energy is expandable, and if managed well, it will make an organization’s talent healthier, more effective, more engaged and more productive.

Energy Management is particularly important for Leaders and Managers because it’s not just about managing and fueling their energy- but they are responsible for motivating and expanding the energy within the teams they lead, which affects the whole organization.

What does Energy Management Programming Entail?

The FUEL BUILDERS model focuses on reducing behaviors at work that drain energy and increasing behaviors that fuel energy. The coaching is concentrated in four core areas:

  • Reducing sedentary time
  • Eating for Energy
  • Exercise
  • Recovery

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