Our team has robust experience and an intimate understanding of the corporate environment and the associated stress on the professional mind and body. Building on this insight and our deep roots in the nutrition and fitness world, we create programs that fuel energy and engagement, build physical and mental strength and endurance, improve performance in the workplace and help professionals avoid the dangers of prolonged sitting that naturally come as part of their jobs.

Julie Crow
Principal & Founder

Julie Crow is the founder of Atlanta-based FUEL BUILDERS – an innovative consultancy practice whose mission is to strengthen leadership effectiveness and productivity through Energy Management and Personal Wellness.

Prior to starting FUEL BUILDERS, Julie spent almost 20 years advancing her career as a marketing strategist and executive for a number of leading brands.  She spent nine years at Time Warner/Turner Broadcasting in various leadership marketing positions for TBS, TNT and Turner South.  At Turner, Julie led the notable marketing efforts for two of the country’s top cable networks across a wide variety of program genres including original movies, theatricals, sitcoms and documentaries.  Before moving to Atlanta, Julie worked at the New York headquarters of Colgate Palmolive and Estee Lauder. During her tenure there, she managed the marketing and advertising efforts for a variety of signature Colgate and Estee Lauder brands across all of their leading categories.

Julie knows first-hand the pressure executives and leaders are under to build world-class organizations.  Julie’s passion for fitness, her years of experience in the Corporate world and her educational background in psychology, were significant points of inspiration for the creation of FUEL BUILDERS, and the motivation behind her transition from corporate executive to ACE certified Health Coach and Energy Management expert.  Julie recognizes that to be an effective leader, you have to maintain high levels of energy and productivity, which takes focus, planning, commitment and the right fuel.  Her coaching philosophy is to help executives incorporate Energy Management into their personal development and leadership strategy.

Julie is a speaker, instructor, program developer and coach.  Some of her recent  engagements include programs for: Americold, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Resource Alliance and addONE Marketing Solutions.  Her one-on-one coaching practice includes C-level executives and other influential leaders from a wide variety of national and international organizations across the country.

Julie graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with a degree in psychology and lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons.

FUEL BUILDERS Team & Advisors

Laney-Hutchings-headshotLaney Hutchings
Registered Dietitian & Fitness Instructor

Laney Hixon Hutchings, MS, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist in Marietta, GA. Laney has over 20 years experience helping adults and children stay healthy through proper nutrition and fitness recommendations. She has a private practice in which she prescribes individualized meal plans according to the goals or medical needs of her clients.

Laney is also a certified fitness instructor through AFFA and teaches 8 fitness classes a week ranging from body weight training to high intensity circuit workouts. Kids also enjoy Laney’s high energy instruction in the Cardio Kool Kids program in which she has instructed for 5 years.

She formerly served as the coordinator of the Northside Hospital Weight Reduction Clinic, consultant to Suntory Water Group, weight management instructor for the CDC and campus dietitian for The  Westminster Schools. Throughout the years, Laney has been featured in numerous TV interviews and magazine articles as a leading weight management expert.

Howard-headshotHoward Cutler
Vice President at Main Line Health

Howard A. Cutler is Vice President, Payer Strategies for Main Line Health. In this capacity, he oversees a portfolio of payer contracts representing $900 million in revenue for a suburban health system comprised of four acute care hospitals and 350 employed physicians.

Prior to joining Main Line Health, Howard served as an Assistant Vice President, Managed Care for Tenet Healthcare Corporation and in leadership roles for both Coventry Healthcare and Aetna.

Mr. Cutler is a graduate of The Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania. He received his J.D., cum laude, and M.B.A. from Temple University, where he was Business Editor of Temple Law Review.

Lisa-Flynn-headshotLisa Flynn
Yoga Instructor & Fitness Coordinator

Lisa Flynn is a certified yoga teacher and the Fitness Coordinator for Dance Stop Studios in Marietta, GA. Her yoga program is the Atlanta partner for Yogaworks Teacher Training, a worldwide yoga certification program. Lisa’s yoga program is well-known throughout Atlanta and has been featured on Atlanta’s Fox 5 morning show. Additionally, Lisa is an Alumni Ambassador for lululemon – a high end line of fitness apparel.

After earning an undergraduate business degree from Clemson University and an MBA from Chapman University, Lisa pursued her love for teaching as a college professor at Cal State Fullerton. During her tenure there, she discovered her love for group fitness, especially yoga.

Lisa’s unique approach to yoga instruction includes her thoughtful insights about how yoga not only offers physical benefits, but how it aids in the mental and emotional aspects of our lives. Her coaching through yoga instruction continues to inspire her students in her weekly classes.

Lisa lives in an Atlanta suburb with her husband and three sons.

Ty-Head Shot2Ty Jones
Owner, Fit for Life Personal Training Studio,
ACE Certified, IDEA Master Personal Trainer

Ty Jones is an ACE certified personal trainer and the owner of Fit for Life Personal Training Studio in Marietta, GA-  a studio that has been supporting  the health and fitness needs of clients of all ages and fitness levels since 1997.

Ty’s passion for fitness began in 1983 when he was playing college baseball at Mercer University. He began working out and realized that he loved how strength training made him look and feel.

He became nationally certified as a personal trainer in 1993 and has been helping clients reach their health and fitness goals ever since.

Ty is an IDEA Master Trainer and is now one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Atlanta. His articles and workouts have been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Atlanta Sports and Fitness.

His motto is “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. – RW Emerson

Ty lives in Atlanta with his wife and two sons.


“Julie has coached several of our senior executives to provide them with a nutrition and exercise plan that enables them to meet their personal wellness goals and have the energy to meet the demands of their leadership roles.  In addition, Julie has provided Americold’s associates with nutrition guidance and energy management practices via web training and printed communications as part of Americold’s overall wellness strategy. 

Further, Julie has consulted with Americold on management conferences to educate the company’s leadership about the principles and importance of Energy Management for the health and productivity of the organization. 

Fuel Builders programs are sustainable and fun and have brought good value to Americold.”

– Jed Milstein, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Americold Logistics

“Julie is such a good speaker. Her energy, focus, clarity and content expertise make you want to listen. She is so good that I have even used video clips of her in coaching senior executives on presentation skills. She is a great professional.”

– Tom Akins, BrightStar Leadership Consulting

“Fuel Builders has opened my eyes to the power of energy management. I have benefited so much from Julie’s insight and knowledge when it comes to improving how I take care of myself to be the best leader and best parent I can be. The changes she brings to me are founded on real science but are made for real-life. They are also for the long-term. I highly recommend Fuel Builders!”

– Jennifer Owens, Editorial Director, Working Mother & Working Mother Research Institute

Our Story

FUEL BUILDERS was launched in response to an “energy crisis” within corporate America today. Executives, as well as professionals across all levels, are working harder and longer to do their increasingly demanding and time-consuming jobs. Workloads are growing, workdays are becoming work nights, and professionals are burning out and work quality is often compromised.

FUEL BUILDERS was created by a corporate executive/consultant with an affinity for nutrition, health & wellness and a long-time fitness professional / personal trainer. Both founders have deep roots in the corporate lifestyle and wellness solutions. After putting their heads together to figure out how to bring a healthier lifestyle to corporate America, FUEL BUILDERS was born.

The FUEL BUILDERS core focus is Energy Management- the practice of managing and maximizing personal energy to fuel engagement, improve effectiveness, maintain good health and boost overall productivity at work and in life.

Wellness initiatives and Energy Management programs have a lot of similarities. However, we have found that “wellness” can be intimidating and is often under-prioritized. Alternatively, having more energy to be better at your job and your life captures peoples’ attention, and is more readily prioritized at the top of the “to-do” list. After all, who doesn’t want to feel better and be better at what they do?

Also, through our research, we uncovered a significant issue that most corporate professionals have in common- and it is literally killing us. Sitting. Yes, sitting for long periods of time can be lethal, but few people know this, therefore nothing is being done about it.  The FUEL BUILDERS programming drives awareness of and solutions for this “sitting epidemic”.

In a nutshell, FUEL BUILDERS helps companies use Energy Management to maximize human energy in the workplace to drive overall productivity.

After all, Energy is our currency and the fuel professionals need to think, create, lead, produce and perform at their very best.

Our story is rich and there is so much more to tell.  So, stand up from your desk and call us so we can help you and your organization energize and thrive.