Do you struggle with maintaining a decent level of energy during the day?

Do you ever feel like you are too tired to get everything done?

Have you been struggling with losing those last few pounds?

There is something in common among all of these challenges. It’s your personal energy- and once you learn to manage it, you will be well on your way to a more energetic, healthy, lean and productive life.

How can Fuel Builders help you to manage your personal energy?

This is a Coaching engagement for Lifestyle Modification. It’s not a diet and it’s not a fad. We work together so that we can help you understand what behaviors and situations drain your energy, and teach you what you can do to fuel your energy in a more productive and efficient way.

There are three things that drastically affect how energized you feel:

  1. What and when you eat
  2. How physically active (or sedentary) you are
  3. How well you recover or rest

Working with Fuel Builders, you will learn about these three areas and understand more about what you are currently doing and what you need to be doing in order to manage and maximize your personal energy.


Weight loss is a priority for many Fuel Builders clients. The principles we teach for managing energy are closely aligned with those for weight loss. The healthy lifestyle habits we teach apply naturally to weight loss and will provide you with tools and tips for weight management that are realistic and sustainable long-term.

We don’t do diets – this is a lifestyle modification program that provides coaching for you on behaviors that you will use throughout your life to feel good, be healthy and live well.

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