A healthy workforce is a productive, engaged and present workforce- so how can companies facilitate a Healthy Workplace to benefit their employees and drive the productivity of their organization?

Introduce Fuel Builders Health & Energy Management Programs in order to:

  • Fuel personal Energy to drive productivity
  • Improve health or maintain good health*
  • Reduce sick days / absenteeism
  • Reduce health care costs*
  • Improve morale and employee engagement

* 75% of healthcare claims are for preventable conditions


Many people spend the majority of their waking hours at work which means they eat most of their meals and snacks at the office and spend most of their time at a desk or conference table.

Nutrition and Physical Activity are key for fueling energy and good health at work and in life in general.

Implement the Fuel Builders “FUEL BETTER, FEEL BETTER” program to facilitate more energy and better health and learn about healthy eating and reinventing on-site food selections:

Coaching:  Provide education about healthy eating

Vending:  Offer healthy, energy-driving snack options

Catering:  Order foods that will energize executives and teams during important meetings and conferences

Cafeteria:  Present and encourage healthy options so that people can choose foods that will fuel their productivity during the workday.

Our “MOVE MORE” initiative promotes the importance of not being sedentary during the workday as well as finding the time and interest for Exercise.  Companies that make this a priority have employees with more energy, better health, better morale and higher productivity.

Fuel Builders teaches and facilitates what to do and how to introduce more movement into the day, and coaches professionals on how to incorporate exercise into their lives.

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