We work one-on-one with executives to help them understand how some of their everyday behaviors are sabotaging their energy and jeopardizing their health.  With a keen focus on each client’s specific situation, we build a custom program that includes education and action around nutrition, physical activity, and recovery – all in the name of building energy, better health and greater productivity.


  • Personal energy & health-risk assessment
  • Custom program design & goal setting
  • Ongoing coaching for support and accountability
  • Measurement and program modification as needed

This is not a diet or an exercise regimen. It is a Lifestyle Modification Program that is realistic and sustainable long-term because it is crafted within the context of your real life.


Leading with Energy is contagious, so often our one-to-one executive clients want to introduce the specifics of Energy Management to their teams.

With small teams, we practice the same principles as one-to-one coaching, without sacrificing customization and support. In this context, small, executive teams work together to understand what everyday behaviors are sabotaging their energy and jeopardizing their health. We then work individually and as a group, on ways to incorporate good nutrition, physical activity, and recovery into their lives in order to boost productivity, feel energized, focused, engaged and healthy.

In addition to support and accountability from FUEL BUILDERS, these teams experience the unique dynamic of support and accountability from and with one another.  This valuable productivity boosting experience can also be an innovative team-building opportunity.

Along with the team coaching, we offer educational programs that include guidance around:

  • Exercise: getting started or getting to the next level
  • Weight loss & weight management
  • Optimal workspace design: to minimize sedentary time


Why is Energy Management important for successful and productive meetings?

Sitting for hours at a time. Heavy meals & unhealthy snacks.  Happy hours and late nights.

All of this contributes to considerable Energy highs and lows, which affect both mental and physical capabilities.

Incorporating Energy Management principles, including physical movement and smart nutrition, into daylong or multi-day meetings, will help with engagement, focus and much needed physical and mental energy.


Energy Management integration into meeting programming – introducing the concept of Energy Management and infusing it throughout the meeting experience.

Meal & snack planning and selection – strategically selecting foods that fuel the body and brain to keep energy levels high for productive meetings.

Physical meeting space configuration – Get creative and move people around to fuel more creative thinking and encourage better focus and engagement.

Group Fitness – an early morning walk, run or stretch, a lunchtime energy boost or a pre-happy hour calorie buster. We have many activity options that can be brought to your meeting venue.

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